Asgard Dao

Bonding (4,4)

4,4 Bonds are very similar to 1,1 bonds, and are purchased in the same way as 1,1 Bonds, so please read that page first. There are however a few small differences:
  • 4,4 Bond rewards are paid in sAsgard instead of Asgard
    • This means that your bond rewards will compound as they are vested, meaning that you won't need to stake them after you claim them
  • 4,4 Bonds have a single 4 day vesting period
    • This means that 4,4 bonds can only be claimed in their totality after a 4 day vesting period
  • 4,4 Bonds are in shorter supply than 1,1 Bonds
    • This is because they are generally more profitable and as such we need to control the dilution that they would cause if left unchecked
  • 4,4 Bonds usually have a smaller discount than 1,1 Bonds
    • This is because in addition to the discount at purchase, people who buy 4,4 Bonds also benefit from the compounding APY rewards applied to their sAsgard reward. So whilst immediate discounts are lower, it can often be more profitable to purchase a 4,4 Bond than a 1,1 Bond.
    • The buying process for 4,4 Bonds is identical to the process for 1,1 Bonds except for the fact that you'll need to select a 4,4 bond.