Asgard Dao

All about Tax ( V2)

Buy and sell tax
Default sell and buy tax as below is: 1. 10% sell tax 2. 2% buy tax
3. 2% Unstake
Both the sell tax and the buy tax are configurable, and both will be modified according to the protocol’s future needs. 10% sell tax and 2% buy tax are default taxes applicable.
Sell tax — the lower the price, the higher the sell tax. Buy tax — the lower the price, the lower the buy tax.
When the price falls, the goal of raising the sale tax and lowering the buy tax is self-evident: to discourage selling and encourage buying in unfavorable market conditions.
The buy and sell tax will be redistributed as follows: — 50% goes to LP, — 50% goes to the Treasury as additional marketing funds.
Last modified 9mo ago